Building your Brand during a lockdown

It seems as though COVID-19 isn't going anywhere soon and for small businesses (and businesses in general) this can be an uncertain time but we can also use this downtime to build our businesses and focus more on things we'd usually forget about.

Staying at home is vital, so what do we do with all this free time that we've suddenly had thrown upon us? As much as we can! At GK, myself and Kris are using this valuable time to really build our business and focus on areas that we've neglected. You may have noticed that we've recently updated to a fancy new website, something we'd of pushed to the back of our to do list if things were running as normal.

For brands and businesses who operate online (like us!), this time can be a little worrying and having all the time in the world can be a little daunting, but don't worry we're here to help.

Firstly, ask yourself what do you need to improve on the most? For us, our website needed updating so we chose to do that first. Is there anything that has been bugging you that you just kept putting off? Do that first, then tackle the rest.

Use this time to engage and interact with your followers or take the time to find new followers! Are you currently happy with your social content? If not, begin planning your content by downloading a content calendar and come up with new, exciting ideas that will keep your followers interested during lockdown. Could you host a competition, a quiz or something interactive?

Plan ahead so you're ready to go! In the world of online marketing, the more planning the better. Do you want to launch with a big campaign when this is all over? Set everything in place now, so you're ready to get back to it when we're allowed to go back to normal again.

Start building a bank of images for your social, the more content the better! You can even get ahead of the game by planning all your social posts in advance (or get some experts to do it for you... like us!)

Now is the time to really focus on your weaknesses, divulge, plan and pull apart your businesses to identify what you can do so when normality does resume, you can come back with a bang.

If you're worried about your business during this time, drop us a message and we can help.

And finally, don't forget to wash your hands.

GK Creative x

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