Why buying fake followers is a bad idea!

So, you've just started your business page on Instagram and realised that your lack of followers could be off putting, although it may be tempting to kick-start your platform with a decent following, buying fake followers isn't the best way to go about it and here's why...

1. Fake Instagram follows do not engage with your content

Although having an array of followers on your profile may look good at first glance, if you dig deeper, your audience will soon realise that your engagement and followers don't match up. Followers that aren't engaging with your posts will eventually bring down your engagement which will harm your page and give potential followers a reason not to trust you.

2. Queue the random comments

Instagram bots bring a lot of random comments to the table, in order for them to seem more genuine, but they're completely random and have no real use what so ever. Imagine if you posted something which was sensitive and there was a comment which read 'Nice Photo' - it doesn't look genuine and holds no real value to your page.

3. Your service or product will be wasted

Fake followers may look good but they're actually never going to buy your product or service because they aren't real people. Bots don't interact with your content and certainly aren't going to increase your web traffic or sales.

Although buying fake followers may be a tempting way to kick-start your social media profile, it's a strategy that is pointless and holds no real value to you or your business. Building a genuine audience of 100 people who are actually interested in the services that you have to offer is much greater than having 1,000 bots which are doing absolutely nothing.

You are creating content and offering services that will add value to people's life, so don't waste all your hard work on promoting a product or service to followers who have no interest in what you're doing. You're selling yourself short.

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